Learn About the Data Used in This Project
Artist' Resumes
Artists' Résumés
Information about the career of each McKnight artist was assembled from their résumé or curriculum vitae.
The information was entered into a searchable database to organize and compare the careers of each artist.
Structured Data
Structured Data
The organization and analysis of the data revealed the elements from the artists' careers that could be compared and tracked.
Visual representations of the artists' careers were generated from this selected information.
Star Diagram
Each artist's career is unique. Artists have diverse experience in teaching, performing, writing, or exhibiting. Each activity from an artist's résumé was categorized and chronologically charted as a "Star Diagram." This is a visual representation of their distinct careers. No two Stars are the same. However, artists with similar experiences will share common patterns and colors. Refer to the color legend to see what kind of work experiences each artist reported.
Star Guide
Globe Diagram
Some McKnight artists are well traveled and recognized throughout the world. Other artists have developed their career in a focused region. An artist's Globe maps their activities and their work chronologically and geographically. A particular point along the artist's Globe may represent where the artist's work was exhibited, where they received an award, or where they studied.
Globe Guide
Artist Activity Glossary
  • Affiliation
    An affiliation represents an artist's involvement in a trade organization or similar association.
  • Award
    An award denotes when an artist has received a grant, fellowship, or other honor.
  • Bibliography
    The term bibliography represents when an artist's work has been reviewed or cited in a publication.
  • Curatorial
    Curatorial marks when an artist has been a juror or curator for an exhibit, competition, or similar activity.
  • Education
    Education marks an artist's attendance at an institution for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies.
  • Employment
    Employment is used to designate when an artist has held a staff position with an organization in or outside of their artistic discipline.
  • Exhibition
    Exhibition represents when an artist's work is featured in an exhibit, show, or similar setting.
  • Performance
    A performance represents when an artist has played a role in a production including theatrical roles, musical performances, and readings.
  • Publication
    A publication represents when the artist's work has been featured in a magazine, book, catalog, or other notable publication.
  • Residency
    A residency marks when an artist has chosen to work, study, or perform at an institution in a setting that allows for focus on their craft.
  • Teaching Experience
    Teaching experience marks when an artist has taught his or her craft in a structured setting.
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