McKnight Artist Fellows: Visualizing Artists' Careers
Combined Artists' Activity Streamgraph
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This streamgraph illustrates the combined activities of McKnight Artist Fellows over time. The artists are distinguished by both the volume and variety of activities in their careers.
In the 30th year of the McKnight Artist Fellowship program, we wanted to see what the artists had been up to. We used data from résumés to create diagrams showing the professional histories of 120 amazing artists, each one as distinct as the individual artists' careers.
Featured Artists
Stuart KlipperStuart Klipper starStuart Klipper globe
Stuart Klipper is a photographer, explorer and one of only 400 people to have visited both the North and South Poles
Migdalia CruzMigdalia Cruz starMigdalia Cruz globe
Migdalia Cruz is an award-winning playwright who has written more than fifty plays, operas, screenplays, and musicals.
Peter   Haakon ThompsonPeter   Haakon Thompson globePeter   Haakon Thompson star
Peter Haakon Thompson's primary mediums are participation, interaction and conversation. He believes in expanding the idea of what art can be through the blurring of art and life.